LG LED 55LM960V Smart TV

This Smart LG 55LM960V LED TV comes with Full HD 3D display of 55 inches and a lot of impressive features that make this TV stand out.

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Runs these apps: BBC iPlayer, Netflix, BlinkBox, Hulu Plus, YouTube, STV Player

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Dimensions: 1221.9(w) X 781.8(h) X 372.3(d) mm / 23.4kg
Video: Triple XD Engine / 8x Aspect Ratio Modes / Just Scan / Resolution Upscaler (plus) / AV Modes (game, cinema, off) / 7x Picture Modes / Picture Wizard II
Audio: 10W X 2 RMS / 2 Way 5 Speakers / MS10 Dolby Digital Decoder / 10W Subwoofer / Infinite Surround / 7 Sound Status Modes / 3 Sound Optimizer Modes / Clear Voice II
Connectivity: 3x USB 2.0 / 4x HDMI / CI Slot / 2x RF In / AV In / Scart / Component In / Digital Audio Out (optical) / RGB In / PC Audio In / LAN / Headphone


Beautiful design
Very large screen and excellent image
Watch movies from USB stick
Wi-Fi Direct connects all your mobile devices

This impressive TV sure isnít cheap


The Smart LG 55LM960V LED TV comes with a Full HD 3D display of 55 inches and lots of impressive features that make it stand out. Almost lacking noticeable borders, and with less than 1.5 cm thickness on the sides, the display sometimes seems to be floating in the air making it a perfect addition to your living room.


The LG 55LM960V LED Smart TV comes in a beautiful aluminum case only 4 inches thick and the screen framed by only 5mm making it so narrow that the picture seems to blend with the background wall. This model might be slim with 1221.9(w), 781.8(h), and 372.3(d), but the stylish support almost seems not strong enough for the total 23.4kg this beauty weights. However, you soon realize the mounting system was designed quite well, and it is quite stable and reliable.

The slick glossy screen features an anti-reflective LED Local Dimming system thus rendering dark scenes in movies remarkably well. The LED light source synchronization with the screen refresh rate, known as Clear Plus in the menu, make is possible to reduce blurring effect and makes image perfect when watching movies.

As 55LM960V is a Cinema 3D TV, it comes with a set of 4 or 7 pairs of polarized, light and comfortable glasses you can wear for extended intervals. Unlike the Active 3D technology still used in some 3D monitors and TVs, implementing LG Cinema 3D has the advantage of cheap and comfortable eye glasses, more brightness and a higher contrast when watching 3D content. The wide watching angles makes for fewer side effects such as headaches or dizziness even when enjoying 3D content for a longer time.

Along the 3D glasses, LG includes a set of two Dual Play eye glasses that are compatible with the games listed in the Smart TV menu, as well as some PlayStation 3 console titles, which give each participant a unique view on the screen. The optimal distance for viewing 3D content on the 55 inch screen starts at about 2 - 2.5 meters.


Equipped with a premium quality LCD display, and aided by the latest display technologies of the moment, LG 55LM960V sets up a perfect multimedia experience, especially if you have a similarly proficient audio system to plug in. While its design makes it a discreet presence when turned off, the bright screen able to render dynamic scenes, movies and nature images, is sure to mesmerize all those around.

Audio performance

When it comes to the audio performance, LG 55LM960V comes with two stereo speakers of 10 W each and a built-in subwoofer. With an output of 10 W and a subwoofer, the TV is doing surprisingly well and has no difficulties no rendering special effects in movies, even if not at a very high volume. For movies and voice listening, the sound quality is remarkably good. Still, those looking for a crystal clear high end sound quality will still need to plug in their audio system.


LG 55LM960V comes with two remote controls, one for everyday use and a Magic Motion Remote Control, specially adapted for a Smart TV. The new LG Magic Motion remote control includes a scroll wheel, more buttons and imitates the role of a mouse.


When it comes to connectivity, we have 4 HDMI 1.4, 3 USB 2.0, as well as AV In, SCART, and D-SUB. Thereís also s Line-in for sound, and optical and coaxial connection outputs. Internet access is enabled through a LAN connection, and integrated Wi-Fi. LG 55LM960V is compatible with DLNA and Wi-Fi Direct, allowing direct connections to nearby devices without the need for a network router.

Browsing the internet with the integrated web browser is an activity surprisingly pleasant and comfortable although pages donít load instantly. LG 55LM960V supports HTML 5 and Adobe Flash, and can render complex animations or videos with its YouTube desktop version.


Overall, this Smart TV is useful for occasional web browsing and multimedia activities related to playing video and audio clips. Still, whatever the activity, we need more time and patience than when using our PC or laptop.

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