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The AOC e2343Fi 1080p HD monitor is the ultimate iPod and iPhone docking station. The monitor's docking station allows immediate video, audio playback.

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AOC myStage e2343Fi Review

Author: Steve Sanger - 5 June 2013


iPhone dock
Built-in Speakers
Great looks


Casing is not sufficiently reinforced; unstable
There are limitations to using the iPhone dock

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AOC myStage e2343Fi - AOC’s Full HD LED monitor with iPhone dock that allows you to play music and video from your iPhone or iPod.



Although Admiral Overseas Corporation (AOC) aims their new Full HD monitor at iPhone users that are used to paying extra for a quality product, AOC makes myStage e2343Fi as affordable as possible. This is actually a bargain considering you can get it for half the price of an iPhone 4S. Unfortunately, AOC’s low price philosophy succeeds only compromising on quality, which makes AOC myStage e2343Fi noting more than a remarkably good looking entry-level Full HD display that amazes only at a first glance.

In terms of construction, AOC myStage e2343Fi does not deliver to a more pretentious segment of the market. The screen is installed in a slim and narrow frame supported by a leg that allows for front and rear tilting. Its circular Base integrates stereo speakers, a port for the iPhone and controls.

Product Overview

As a first impression, AOC myStage e2343Fi has an elegant glossy black look and the speakers built in promises superior SRS Premium Sound performance. AOC’s plug & play technology ensures smooth iPhone/iPod connection and instant rendering of music and video files. myStage e2343Fi dimensions 21.5 in x 8 in x 16.8 in and native resolution of 1080p 1920 x 1080 at 60 Hz make it excellent for videos, but even though AOC settled on an external power adapter that can easily be hidden behind the desk just to make more room for the two built-in speakers 5W each, the sound on this device is not all that great.

The elegant Full HD monitor powered by LED technology has a 2ms response time (Gray-to-Gray) and the viewing angles range from 170° horizontally to 160° on vertical. The maximum brightness is specified at 250 cd/m² and the image contrast ratio promises to achieve 1000:1(real)/50000000:1(dynamic).

The menu offers options such as enabling/disabling Dynamic Contrast Boost, LCD Overdrive with 4 levels of intensity, and an ECO mode to optimize energy consumption. E2343Fi myStage AOC provides one HDMI and one VGA port, headphone output and an USB port, all located at the base on the back of the screen.

Judging by the specifications and equipment myStage e2343Fi AOC monitor seems quite promising, but the truth is its performance and the overall user experience are not up to what you’d expect. Once installed on your typical office table, the small vibrations that occur while typing reveal serious problems with the case hardening. Furthermore, the too sensible support makes you hesitate while trying to make full use of the device’s tilting capabilities as once you touch your desk the monitor continues balancing for seconds.


The 23 inch (58.4 cm) Full HD monitor is well lit, and viewing angles are surprisingly indulgent. The 1000:1 contrast ratio is not terribly high, and the image goes blurry if we do not adjust the support properly wen changing viewing angles. The response time is also pretty decent although not quite 2ms as announced by the manufacturer so that you might experience slight problems when playing some games or when watching high speed scenes from movies, but this can all be fixed if you start tinkering with the Overdrive Menu and get rid of the unwanted effects that slow down the monitor.


The speakers on AOC myStage e2343Fi are promising if we consider the size of the 2 integrated 5W speakers, yet they only manage to play a flat sound and rather poor which generally drives music fans to prefer earphones rather than listen to their favorite tunes on this device. However, the iPhone/iPod dock is sure to attract users even if not for listening to their favorite artists.


As a conclusion or quick verdict, we say AOC myStage e2343Fi is a rather poor solution to playing music and videos from your iPhone/iPod or watching a collection of pictures. However, despite the poor performance and many limitations, this platform surely comes at a remarkably affordable price that might compensate for all its limitations.

Employed as a secondary monitor in the company of a PC, the AOC myStage e2343Fi gives satisfactory results in watching movies and for gaming sessions where the response time of this monitor is an advantage. However, employed for office work this monitor tends to lead to eye-fatigue especially if you have a tendency to make the image brighter.

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