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Thread: How To Rip DVDs To Hard Drive Free For Home Theatre Use

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    How To Rip DVDs To Hard Drive Free For Home Theatre Use

    So i thought i would tell you guys how i rip DVD's for free to put on hard drive and use on PC, Android, Roku or any other home network NAS (Network attached storage) drive.

    What i use is a free software program called MakeMKV (you will need a PC, Mac or Linux OS for this), download it from here.

    When you run this software you can insert a DVD into the drive on your PC, it will recognise the disc. You will see a list of the video files, just select the biggest which is at the top normally. Then it will ask where you want the file extracted to. Point to your hard drive and it will begin saving as an MKV file. Make sure your hard drive is big enough as a standard DVD is around 7-8 Gb in size and a Bluray between 25-35 Gb.

    The MKV files can run as they are from your media player or XBMC but you will probably want to reduce the size so you can fit more on your drive.

    The free software i use for this task is called Handbrake (download it from here). Once you run Handrake it will give a list of devices such as Android, Apple TV, ipad etc..

    Click the source button and open file then either click a device such as Apple TV etc. For using on all devices and for my cinema room i would choose the normal option which saves the HD version.

    Click go and your file will be encoded at a much smaller size. Standard DVD's will save as 3 Gb and Blu-rays for 5 Gb.

    You can play around with the settings to get things just how you like and your DVD collection is now digital. Hope this guide is of some help.

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    Great post sid.
    Live Long, watch TV and prosper

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    Thanks for the info above, I read the entire content of it and it's really helpful. My concern why I came up here is to ask regarding on home theater installation, so if someone have an idea please throw your thoughts and ideas.
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