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Thread: Installing Media Boxes

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    Installing Media Boxes

    Last year bought 2 Roku boxes for my home flat screens. Now keep in mind these tvs have been installed years ago, wires concealed, power cords hidden. Loved the idea of this tiny box and what it could do. Put them in and the wife went ballistic. On one of them I put the Roku on a table below the tv and ran the HDMI wire up to the TV. Didn't want to fish the wires through the wall but having visible HDMI cord was a deal breaker. So on the other one I attached the media player to the TV but then the tiny power cord was visible as I had to plug the wall wart down on the wall.

    Figured out a better way and have brought this product to market. Please check out
    and let me know your thoughts!

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    The one thing that ruins a great flat screen TV set mounted on the wall is wires showing. Get rid of em.
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    I have an android stick that is powered from the TV's USB input and just sits behind the TV. No wire problem.

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