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Thread: Installing Navi-X for XBMC for movies, shows and live TV

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    Installing Navi-X for XBMC for movies, shows and live TV

    If you have XBMC (and if not, why???), then you will want to explore add-ons, and the number one add-on is Navi-X an application that will run on any version of XBMC installed on hardware such as PC, consoles, phones, tablets, streaming boxes etc. Once installed it offers thousands of streaming live TV channels, movies, TV shows and podcasts.

    Navi-X is in my opinion better than Icefilms and 1Channel as it offers the same movies and shows but also live TV from many major networks such as ABC, CBS, Bravo etc.

    How to install Navi-X on XBMC

    1. First thing you need to download Navi-X for your system from here and remember where it was saved.
    2. On the XBMC main menu click on “SYSTEM” and choose “SETTINGS”.
    3. Select “ADD-ONS”.
    4. Choose the “Install From Zip File” option.
    5. Find your zip file and click on it.
    6. Head back to the main menu of XBMC.
    7. Navigate to the “PROGRAMS” then add-ons and you will find navi-X.

    You can now explore Navi-x and Enjoy watching movies and shows.

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    My choice of add-ons for XBMC are:-

    Navi X - User generated content aggregator that gives access to multimedia content, listed
    on a public directory of user contributed listings or playlists. Users can link to content and playback
    video, audio, pictures, podcasts, text, rss and html on the internet and link
    to favorites or browse the already existing directory of publicly available
    content, in one sleek, fast and unified application!

    Sportsdevil - is a video add-on for live sports and highlights, blogs and TV.
    SportsDevil scrapes and resolves embedded streams from websites so that they can be played with xbmc.

    Icefilms - instantly turns your XBMC into a free on-demand media-center.
    Browse and search the library of over 77,000 videos with metadata and posters.

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    We have uploaded a guide with pictures showing how to install Navi-x here.
    Live Long, watch TV and prosper

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