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Thread: Why is the content on Netflix different in US and UK?

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    Why is the content on Netflix different in US and UK?

    I wonder why Netflix US has all the good shows, thousands more movies but in the UK the selection is much worse? Surely they cannot charge the same amount and give one Country pretty lame stuff, can they?My friend wants to use netflix in the UK but their version of netflix is very poor quality compared to the United States version. If I bought Netflix in the us, would he be able to log into it in the UK and get the same movies that I do? Walmart, Target, Amazon, Best Buy, Kohl's and more top retailers will offer the best Black Friday deals this week.

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    Why doesnt everyone just sign up for the American Netflix. Problem solved

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    OK i looked into this a bit more. Your Netflix account is geo-tied although you can use it anywhere in the world that its available. What that means is, if you sign up in the UK or Latin America then head over to the US, your login will still work and you will get the selection that the Country your in offers. Obviously it may be a little expensive flying to the US to get a better selection. So that leaves you with fooling Netflix into thinking your in America.

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    The content is different because Netflix have to negotiate with dinosaurs. Companies that want to release shows in the US but wait a year or so before releasing in Europe. So when Netflix negotiate for a season of say Mad Men. The network is happy for it to show in America because they have run the full season and released the boxset making shitloads of cash. Netflix cannot stream it in Europe because the TV networks want it first. Until these antiquated morons start releasing worldwide at the same time we will always have these stupid outcomes that make no sense to anyone. Rant over!!!!

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