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Thread: Where to find stream info

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    Post Where to find stream info

    Does anyone know where to look for any new channels to add to this script?

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    Hi Shafty,

    There is no one place to look when you find a channel you like do a view source and look for some html similar to what is below.

    Flash Player embed code

    <embed src="the stream url" width="490" height="320" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" flashvars="autostart=true&repeat=list&width=490&he ight=320&logo=" />
    Windows Media Player embed code

    <embed type="application/x-ms-wmp"
    pluginspage="" src="the stream url" id="463484" autostart="1" showcontrols="1" scale="tofit" mute="false" volume="100" autoplay="1" stretchToFit="1" uimode="full" enablefullscreencontrols="true" autosize="1" showtracker="1" transparentatstart="1" showstatusbar="1" showdisplay="0" height="320" width="490" />
    what is needed from the above pieces of code is the >> src="the stream url" << you need what is in between the quotes "" > the stream url <.

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    Just head over to one of the internet TV sites such as Freetube, channelchooser etc. and scrape the stream url's. Just hover the mouse button over the channel you want and copy that url by right clicking mouse and copy link location. Paste that url in a new webpage and load it. Then right click in page to view source. Then find the embed code.

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    It looks like your adding the streams in the wrong place, you need to add the streams into the database rather than add them to the actual script.

    You can add a stream via the admin area or add them via PHPMyAdmin.

    Live Long, watch TV and prosper

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