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Thread: Sony Join 4K Club With Release By End-Of-Year

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    Sony Join 4K Club With Release By End-Of-Year

    Following on from the introduction of 4k ‘Ultra HD’ TV sets from Toshiba, Panasonic, and LG (amongst others), Japanese technology giant Sony have revealed their challenger to the*new market, as they revealed a set that will roll out*around the world by the*end of the year. Measuring in at a*84-inch screen (matching the size put up [...] Related posts:
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    What is the point with this ultra hd stuff? Normal HDTV is great and as high resolution as my eyes can take in. I do not want to be upgrading my dvd's and blu-ray etc. I had enough of that when we went to HD. And how much ultra content is going to be around in the next couple of years realistically?

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