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Thread: New to the forum..wanted to say Hello :)

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    New to the forum..wanted to say Hello :)

    Hi everyone,
    I recently joined the group and just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Christian Seabrook and I am one of the voices behind Charter Cable Deals. I'm a writer and blogger. I love the tech industry, and more importantly, the television industry. I'm lucky enough to be working for a company that is aligned with one of my favorite past times. I'm looking forward to connecting with everyone in this group and learning about what you all do, and getting into some great conversation. That being said, who is your daddy and what does he do? Or in this case, you?

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    Hi and welcome

    Maybe you can give your thoughts on how the cable industry are going to deal with the threat of internet TV on their bottom line.
    Live Long, watch TV and prosper

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    Lets hope we are not going to get a deluge of Charter cable spam....

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    No you are not @Bob .

    That is a good question @Admin. There's going to be a lot of factors to consider. One possibility I think would be having to add special value to cable that isn't available online, but with so many various recording and uploading devices, the ability to transfer something from offline to online is much more feasible than in the past.
    I see a lot of cable companies having to branch off into other industries or focus more of their time on programs such as hulu plus and netflix. What do you think?

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    I do not use cable anymore. just load up XBMC which is a media player. The program is amazing as it scrapes all your media info, plots, reviews and pictures and organizes them in a gorgeous interface. All my TV shows and movies are on a 2 TB PC with hdmi straight to my big screen TV and projector. Its online all the way for me.

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