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Thread: New X Factor Judges

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    New X Factor Judges

    The new judges for the UK X Factor are Gary Barlow, Kelly Rowland, and Tulisa Constovalos, who are joining veteran Louis Walsh. What do you make of the new line-up? Is anyone you know going to be auditioning for them?

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    The panel probably needed a bit of change, and while Simon leaving is a knock to the show, this lineup could work out well if people give it some time. How well-known was Cheryl when she first joined?

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    great batch of judges! this seems to be interesting!

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    god Gary Barlow... the show hits rock bottom lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by amanda View Post
    great batch of judges! this seems to be interesting!

    Hiiiii amanda,

    I also agree with you, This is a great batch of judges. I am excited to this show..
    This is a great show.... I really like this show..........

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    The judges are really great!
    I love the X Factor shows and I really try to follow every new performance)
    Hope that the next season the show will become even more fantastic!

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    Thanks for giving with this link some extra knowledge about the X factor's Judges......

    Simon Cowell is also part of the judging panel of Britainís Got Talent show with UK X- Factor...,

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    The X Factor judges are the four stars who sit on the panel during the live shows, with each judge being a mentor for a group of acts - the boys, girls, groups and over 27s.

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