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Thread: Normal TV Being Phased Out?

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    Question Normal TV Being Phased Out?

    Latest reports suggest that traditional TV is becoming less and less significant. Is this true?

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    I think the answer is a definite and absolute yes. When you look at the evolution of the TV set since the 30's, there has been the introduction of color, then Nicam stereo, then HD, 3D. But the point is that what you can do with a TV and the image you see has not really changed much at all.

    We have the ability, and with connected TV it is already happening), to surf the web, make Skype calls, email, Tweet, Like and do millions of other things from the TV set. We can then carry our entertainment around the house using our tablet or laptop.

    The TV is evolving into something more like a tablet PC mixed with a phone and it's gonna be great. Read this post for more:- The Future of traditional TV
    Live Long, watch TV and prosper

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    I have to agree that the TV will have to change. The biggest reason as far as i can see is the digital changeover. Any old set that is sitting around will need replacing. Some will buy a set-top box, but many will head to the store and get a connected TV. Thereby accelerating the process of killing off old style TV.

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    If you want to keep an old TV set, you probably still can. Despite the digital switchover in the UK, there are some basic digital set-top boxes being sold for under 10, which would not take up much space or 'confusing' new features, and just add more channels to watch. Still a fairly simple option if needed...

    Speaking of old TV's, though, I have heard that UK TV licences are half-price if the home only has black & white TV output. Is this true, and will this be affected by the switchover?

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    It will be interesting to see what happens, but as people are using this on mobile, does it mean the end of the big screen telly in the home? Personally I prefer the big telly to watching something on a train with headphones(unless im going on holiday and want to tdrown out the kids and nagging wife

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    I can't see how normal TV in your living room will go, everyone loves a big telly

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    Especially something like this...

    ...not sure if it would fit in a normal person's living room though

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    The standard TV is now pretty much obsolete. All TV sets being made now have some form of smart function and internet connectivity. Everyone has a collection of screens from mobile phone to tablet, PC and big screen TV. I see them all having a part to play in our media consumption.
    Live Long, watch TV and prosper

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