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Thread: Smartphone meets tablet?

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    Question Smartphone meets tablet?

    Will tablet and smartphone merge into one unit? LG's new Optimus Vu for example, has a five inch display, much larger than most smartphones in the market today, including the iPhone. Carolina Milanesi, from Gartner research firm said "Because it's not one or the other. It's too big to be a smartphone and too small to be a proper tablet."

    Asus chairman Jonney Shih also said ""This is an ultimate transformation, the combination of phone, pad and notebook, with a seamless transition, what's more exciting than being always connected."

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    I doubt they it will work, the idea of a tablet i think is that it gives you a decent size screen, imagine a mobile with that size screen O.O Until they mresearch a way to have either fold away screens then it wouldn't work..

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