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Thread: Sony Vita Console Gets Netflix at launch

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    Sony Vita Console Gets Netflix at launch

    If your still into handheld consoles (rather than using the latest smartphone for games), then you may be interested to know that the new Sony PS Vita handheld console comes with a Netflix streaming app available at launch.

    Read more internet tv news: Sony Vita gets netflix online streaming
    Live Long, watch TV and prosper

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    Do ppl really use a games console to watch tv? Mayeb the should get a smartphone?

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    Nothing like watching a HD film of a 60in Plasma or LCD screen with good sound ...

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    when you on the train next to some dumb asss, then the console may be helpful :P

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    Indeed I had a bad experience of some kids playing tinny music very loud, so I got the headphones out and my smartphone and watched some streaming tv

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