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Thread: If your having trouble watching tv streams

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    If your having trouble watching tv streams

    If your having trouble watching TV streams then first make sure the stream is actually available as a lot of players like the BBC iplayer and ITV player among others only have their streams available for a few days.

    If after checking and the TV stream is available then it might be that you dont have the correct media player for that TV stream installed, below are a list of players that you need to make sure are installed.

    1. Flash Player - This player is by far the main one that is used by the likes of BBC, ITV, Sky, 4oD and Channel 5 at some point during their lifetime. To get flash player goto and install that and that should cure any problems there.
    2. Windows Media Player - This player is used on some sites and athough not as popular as flash player it is still quite popular. To get windows media player goto and install.
    3. Real Player - This player is also not used as much. To get real player goto and install.
    4. Quicktime - This one although not as popular as flash player is ata about the same level as windows media player. To get quicktime goto and install.
    1. Once you have these players installed then there should be no problems in playing TV streams.
    Live Long, watch TV and prosper

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    I am very useful information. Even having problems. Following your instructions, I do. Thanks.

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    it seems like you gotta have quite a lot of players installed to watch all channels...

    I found the K-Lite Codec Pack a good choice as it has a couple of players and a heck of a lot of players...

    On my system i have windows media player, flash player and K-Lite Codec Pack and i have not had to install anything else.

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