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Thread: What other pay tv streaming is there other than Nrtflix and Hulu Plus??

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    What other pay tv streaming is there other than Nrtflix and Hulu Plus??

    So where else can i find decent streaming apart from the usual places of Hulu plus and Netflix??

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    Check out Amazon on demand... Apart from that there is nothing i can think of!

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    How do i find Amazon on demand then? Any link?

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    Megavideo is one option. However, compared to Hulu, it doesn't maintain a library of links to the videos that you want to find. To find shows on Megavideo, you have to use link libraries, like Surf The Channel or TV Duck (these sites do not stream videos, but merely provide a portal to the sites where videos are stored). Another downside is that they don't have a customer service (Megavideo is a site owned by Megaupload, based out of Hong Kong). I've also heard that the video quality is not always as good as in Hulu. But if watching in HD isn't your top priority, then Megavideo may be a solution. Megavideo has a wider selection of videos, and has no commercials.

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    Megavideo is more a file sharing platform and more associated with unlawful streams, so you have to decide if you want to pay or get it free. The disadvantage of Megavideo type sites is finding what you want in the first place, then navigating all the pop-ups and other PC assaults in the hope you get to watch content at the end of it. Then when you do, the quality can sometimes suck. But hey, you pays yr money and takes ya choice..
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    There are a few. I personally like Netflix though and when I get bored with that I watch Hulu.of no value or
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    I found this on the net for Hulu and Netflix alternatives, this may be helpful.

    Amazon Prime

    Amazon's elite-level service launched in 2005, offering two-day shipping on any of its products to members anywhere in the continental United States and other select countries for a reasonable $80 a year. Originally meant for those who couldn't wait more than 48 hours for their tangible goods, Prime expanded in February to offer instant, streaming movie and TV show access to existing Prime customers at no added cost.


    Redbox made it possible for legions of supermarket shoppers to pick up a movie on the cheap, without having to make multiple stops. Instead of leaving the grocery store (or 7-11, Walgreens or what have you) with only a TV dinner and a Mountain Dew in tow, Redbox's 30,000-plus DVD-rental kiosks make sure you won't go home alone on a Friday night again.


    Blockbuster jumped on the bandwagon with its own Netflix clone mail-away service, but with the added advantage of allowing customers to return DVDs to brick-and-mortar Blockbuster stores. And finally, Blockbuster Express is a blue-and-gold Redbox rip, with kiosks placed in grocery stores and Kwik-E-Mart's across the country.


    Wal-Mart got in on the media-services game in 2010 by buying Vudu, another streaming media company. Initially the service was available only in a set-top box version, but Vudu has since extended itself to other platforms as a standalone media service in and of itself, available to Playstation 3 users, Boxee for OSX owners and Windows-based PC users.

    Read more about all the above here

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