View Full Version : need assistance installing php on server

papa mike
12-28-2013, 03:29 AM
i'm starting to think no one reads these threads ... I've tried putting up several phps ... arcade scripts , video scripts .. and I always seem to run into problems .. i go to the so called help boards but no one ever answers my questions ... obviously the phps lost their popularity ... one guy refused me help until the company got financial help ????? another i'm still waiting to get my access to the forum ( i joined in October of this year )
I have a lot of media that may be useful to folks who are looking for streams . so far i either use window media to play streams or links to the streams because i don't have a player to play the streams with ... i am frustrated because i have not been successful in installing the tv script .. is there anyone who can do this for me for a nominal charge .. or perhaps i can share my streams with you .. heck i'll share with everyone .. i'm just asking for some assistance .can anyone help?

12-28-2013, 05:51 PM

PHP usually comes with your server and if not, you should ask whoever you bought your server from to install PHP for you, You say you have problems installing various scripts arcade etc, although this is for the Internet TV Script if you let me know what problem you are having with the install maybe i can help.

papa mike
12-29-2013, 07:48 PM
I have been on a free server for a couple of years .. im allowed up to 4 sql data bases and 1 cron . I believe the tv script can be installed . I did have "Your Arcade script" up ... Jason the owner of the script installed it for me ... it was working very well , then one day it was like it was started to corrupt .. alsmost like it was rotting away lol . I removed it.i don't know what im doing wrong with this script ... I set up the sql ... fill int the install info .. but it doesn't connect. .. I need to get on the server and clean it up . ill try the install one more time then ill let You know where I got stuck ... thanks .. mike