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03-05-2013, 06:15 PM

There is nothing like spending time with friends and your favorite film! And being able to watch the streaming online movie you want right now – with no wait. You may be looking for a B Horror Movie, an amazing but lesser known independent film or some cult classics. FlixFling (http://www.flixfling.com/) is committed to bringing online streaming movies to the discerning film fan who simply can’t find the movie they want on other online video rental sites. Instantly watch FlixFling’s movies on your iPad and other mobile devices including Android phones and tablets, iPhone, Roku Box and Google TV. Simply click for the online streaming movies you want, such as A Serbian Film, Infinite Justice, Anna Nicole Smith: Exposed, and thousands more!

FlixFling believes joy wants to be boundless. Unfettered. Free to see all devices as equal…a Device Democracy you might say
…joy flinging easily from mobile to iPad, to TV, to laptop. Joy wants to be able to play on your TV and when you decide to take
the train downtown to see your buddies, joy would happily stop and go with you on your mobile. And joy would always pick up
right where you left off because you should never have to buffer or download or restart joy. Later joy could join you on your
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It’s the kind of world you deserve. Uninhibited. And free to Fling The Joy.