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12-28-2012, 07:37 AM
As worldtvpc has a lot of reviews, but not so many of shall we say 'slightly dodgy' movie download sites that redirect you to various megadownload type sites to watch the content. I know many people dont like these due to the pop-ups and all sorts of other crap you have to go through but I thought i would add a review of one that i use...


1Channel is a free website for watching video online. The layout of the site is intuitive and you will find a helpful search function to help you find what you need. This website is completely free to use and you will be hard-pressed to not find exactly what you are looking for. They cover all streaming video possible by giving an enormous selection of documentaries, movies, television shows, and music videos.


The 1Channel website gives its users a wide selection of movies to watch at their convenience. It was very difficult for us to come up with a movie title that was not available. We found a tremendous list of movies spanning from current to when movies became popular. There are titles available from the 1930ís, little known movies, made for television movies, and the most popular movies that have just entered the box office. Movies are easily searched by typing a title into the search bar or by searching by your favorite actors. Searching for your favorite actors will provide a list of all movies that actor was in during their whole career. There is even opportunity to enjoy your favorite silent films and B rated horror movies. 1Channel provides an endless list of movies to watch.

TV Shows

The 1Channel website does not stop at providing a great selection of available movies; they also deliver television episodes that are series complete. This includes television series that are no longer active as well as current television series. The 1Channel site covers all television networks; both paid cable subscriptions and local television. You can enjoy a wide variety of situation comedies, reality television series, dramas, news shows, soap operas, and mini-series. It is possible to watch entire seasons of missed episodes and also the latest episode if you have missed it. The latest episodes can be watched as early as later that night.


The 1Channel also provides links to watch news shows and documentaries to give opportunity for their viewers to watch programming related to science, technology, nature, art, history, medicine, and also the latest news. These documentaries can be easily found by searching for titles in the movie section or by using keyword phrases. All you ever need to do is type in your title and results are produced. As mentioned above, we had a hard time finding a title that was not listed.

Streaming Video

There are no videos hosted on this site. Instead they provide links to outside sources. The outside links are very reliable and many are provided. Most of the links are from outside sources including other video streaming sites and file sharing site such as Youtube and Putlocker. There are many different services to choose from. Not all services are available for all links but each video offers multiple services to choose from; some as many as 20 or more streaming video sites that are hosting the video you wish to watch. Some of the sites will require additional plugins to watch video such as Flash player or Divx Plugin. But you will have no troubles at all finding the service that is right for you. Load time and quality are dependent upon the service that is hosting that particular video. But you will find very little issues finding the right service as all links are provided in a list to choose from easily. At the top of the list you will find some sponsor supported links to paid sites that will charge for watching video. This is how this website supports itself. But there are many more free links than paid links.


The 1Channel website will also provide a wide selection of music videos and concert footage. These are searchable in the same manner as all streaming video available. Search for your song titles or artists in the music section and watch your desired video in the search results.


This website provides a full user community for viewers to get involved and offer comments on videos as well as suggestions. Each user has the option to provide links for video they have found while surfing the web also. Additionally, there is a full forum available for further discussion favorite shows, movies, and music.

This is an outstanding website that goes above and beyond in providing their users with more than enough streaming video to keep even the biggest movie buff happy. It is possible to watch all of your favorite episodes, even those that are no longer on the air. There is no shortage of video available and most links are completely free to watch. It is very hard to find a TV show or movie that is not available. They offer the most popular shows as well as those that are little known.

5 stars

Quick Verdict
There are many streaming videos available. Itís possible to watch almost any video imaginable; this includes television and movies.

Many videos available
Most links are free
Most video links are free

Very little information about who ruins the site
Video is hosted by outside sources
Quality depends on services offering video

01-17-2013, 06:05 PM
Hey Bob
Nice review. As you say, so long as you realize your accessing outside links that may result in pop-ups and other unpleasant results - even a virus!! then you can get to watch full length movies for free. I find it all a bit unsavory because they make you pay for the movie by hitting you with a gazillion pop-ups etc., But other than that, the site does what it says..

06-18-2013, 06:38 PM
Hey Bob good review, but there are no pop-ups if you run 1 channel as an xbmc addon

07-21-2013, 07:13 AM
You can access 1channel minus popups if you use it as an addon for xbmc. Details of how to install 1channel for xbmc are here (http://www.worldtvpc.com/mediaplayers/xbmc/xmbc-adding-1channel.php).