View Full Version : Using BBC iPlayer on Android devices

07-06-2011, 02:13 PM
Everyone loves the iPlayer (so long as they are in the UK). And the Android OS is becoming as popular as Apple. So i have put together a tutorial for using iPlayer on Android.

The BBC iPlayer android app for tablets and smartphones lets viewers watch catch-up TV, movies and live TV. It is also good for catching up on BBC radio.

You need android 2.2 or above to run iPlayer.

Download iPlayer from the android Market. Do a search for ‘BBC iPlayer' and install. To use effectively you need a Wi-Fi connection. If you dont have flash installed then do that first.

Once running, the BBC iPlayer has icons at the top of the screen for TV, Radio and Favourite. TV is selected by default. If you tap Radio, the main screen will change to show radio programmes. Scroll down to see more radio or TV shows, and tap to stream it. If you tap a TV show, press the ‘play in full screen' to see it in widescreen mode. Tap the screen at any time to access playback control options.

Search for shows
To search for a particular television or radio programme, simply tap the Search button top-right corner of the main screen and type in your search terms. Then hit the magnifying glass next to the search box. Wait while your search results are retrieved, then scroll through the search results and tap whatever takes your fancy to start watching it.

There is another way to refine the full range of programmes available in the BBC iPlayer. Tap the icon to the left of the search icon and you can browse by category and by channel, and see what's showing on Live TV. This is the easiest way to find any movies that are available on the iPlayer as they have their own category.

You can also make a show a favourite by checking that box while it's playing or long pressing on it in a listing. Then when new episodes of favourite programmes appear they'll be listed on the Favourites page.