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Celebrity Robert Forster
Born as Robert Forster

TV Shows Robert Forster Stars in:
Alcatraz -> Ray Archer
Last Man Standing -> Bud Baxter
Movies Robert Forster Stars in:
Checkered Flag -> Jack Cotton
Cover Me Babe -> Tony Hall
Diamond Men -> Eddie Miller
Diplomatic Immunity -> Stonebridge
Family Tree -> Henry Musser
Finders Fee -> Officer Campbell
Ghosts of Girlfriends Past -> Sergeant Volkom
Grand Theft Parsons -> Stanley Parsons
Guns and Lipstick -> Captain Dimaggio
In Between -> Vinnie
Jack and Jill vs. the World -> Norman
Journey Through Rosebud -> Frank
Kiss Toledo Goodbye -> Sal Fortuna
Like Mike -> Coach Wagner
Me Myself and Irene -> Colonel Partington
Night Vision -> Teak Taylor
Olympus Has Fallen -> General Edward Clegg
Original Gangstas -> Det. Slatten
Outside Ozona -> Odell Parks
Pieces of Dreams -> Fr. Gregory Lind
Psycho -> Dr. Fred Simon
Supernova -> A.J. Marley
The A List -> Himself
The Bannen Way -> Mr. B
The Descendants ->
The Don Is Dead -> Frank
The Lady in Red -> Turk (uncredited)
The Magic of Marciano -> Henry
Thick as Thieves -> Lt. Weber
Walking the Edge -> Jason Walk
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