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Celebrity Mary Steenburgen
Born on 1953-02-08

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TV Shows Mary Steenburgen Stars in:
30 Rock -> Diana Jessup
Bored to Death -> Josephine
Curb Your Enthusiasm -> Mary Steenburgen
Movies Mary Steenburgen Stars in:
Back to the Future Part III -> Clara Clayton
Casa de los babys -> Gayle
Dead of Winter -> Julie Rose / Katie McGovern / Evelyn
Dirty Girl -> Peggy
End of the Line -> Rose Pickett
Four Christmases -> Marilyn
I Am Sam -> Dr. Blake
In the Electric Mist -> Bootsie Robicheaux
Life as a House -> Colleen Beck
Marilyn Hotchkiss Ballroom Dancing and Charm School -> Marienne Hotchkiss
My Family -> Gloria
Nobel Son -> Sarah Michaelson
Numb -> Dr. Blaine
One Magic Christmas -> Ginny Hanks Grainger
Parenthood -> Karen Buckman
Step Brothers -> Nancy Huff
The Dead Girl -> Beverley, Leah's Mother
The Grass Harp -> Sister Ida
The Long Walk Home -> Narrator (voice)
The Open Road -> Katherine
The Trumpet of the Swan -> Mother (voice)
Whats Eating Gilbert Grape -> Betty Carver
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