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Celebrity James Russo
Born on 1953-04-23 as James Russo

A Manhattan-born character player who attended New York University, actor James Russo wrote and starred in a prize-winning short film called The Candy Store while attending college.  
TV Shows James Russo Stars in:
Vegas -> Anthony Red Cervelli
Movies James Russo Stars in:
A Stranger Is Watching -> Ronald Thompson
American Gangster -> Corrupt Undercover Detective (uncredited)
Beverly Hills Cop -> Mikey Tandino
Born of Earth -> Tom Reeser
Boy Wonder -> Larry Childs
Brooklyn Rules -> Diner Customer (uncredited)
Butter -> Juke Box Danny
Cut Off -> Gonzo
Dangerous Game -> Francis Burns
Dark World -> Charlie
Django Unchained -> Dicky Speck
Gardener of Eden -> Bar Customer
Kings of the Evening -> Ramsey
No Way Home -> Tommy
One in the Gun -> Jimmy
Paper Bullets -> John Rourke
Public Enemies -> Walter Dietrich
State of Grace -> DeMarco (uncredited)
Stealing Sinatra -> Frank Sinatra
Street Poet -> Ramsey
Tenderness -> Amusement Park Customer (uncredited)
The Perfect Age of Rock n Roll -> 90's Grunge Rocker
The Pink Conspiracy -> Cox
The Postman -> Idaho
The Unscarred -> Mickey Vernon
The Wrestler -> Wrestling Fan (uncredited)
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