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Celebrity Holland Taylor
Born on 1943-01-14 as Holland Taylor

Holland Taylor's Website: http://hollandtaylor.com
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Holland Taylor is the third born (and last) daughter of her mother Virginia Taylor, and the only child of her father C.
TV Shows Holland Taylor Stars in:
Two and a Half Men -> Evelyn Harper
Movies Holland Taylor Stars in:
D.E.B.S. -> Ms. Petrie
Fame -> Claudia van Doren (uncredited)
George of the Jungle -> Beatrice Stanhope, Ursula's Mom
Happy Accidents -> Therapist, Maggie Ann "Meg" Ford
Home Room -> Dr. Hollander
Keeping the Faith -> Bonnie Rose
Key Exchange -> Mrs. Fanshaw
Spy Kids 3 D Game Over -> Grandmother
The Chosen One -> Ruth
The Jewel of the Nile -> Gloria
The Sex Monster -> Muriel
The Truman Show -> Truman's Mother
The Wedding Date -> Bunny
To Die For -> Carol Stone
Town and Country -> Mistress of Ceremonies
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