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Celebrity Famke Janssen
Born as Famke Janssen

TV Shows Famke Janssen Stars in:
Hemlock Grove -> Olivia Godfrey
Movies Famke Janssen Stars in:
Celebrity -> Bonnie
Circus -> Lily
Deep Rising -> Trillian
GoldenEye -> Xenia Onatopp
Hansel & Gretel Witch Hunters -> Muriel
Hide and Seek -> Katherine
House on Haunted Hill -> Evelyn Stockard-Price
Rounders -> Petra
The Faculty -> Miss Elizabeth Burke
The Gingerbread Man -> Leeanne Magruder
The Ten -> Gretchen Reigert
The Treatment -> Allegra Marshall
The Wolverine -> Jean Grey
X Men The Last Stand -> Jean Grey / Phoenix
X-Men -> Jean Grey
X2 -> Jean Grey
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