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Celebrity Ashton Kutcher
Born on 1978-02-07 as Christopher Ashton Kutcher

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Christopher Ashton Kutcher, known professionally as Ashton Kutcher, is an American actor, producer, former fashion model, and comedian, known for his portrayal of Michael Kelso in the Fox sitcom That '70s Show. He also created, produced and hosted Punk'd, and played lead roles in the Hollywood films Dude, Where's My Car, Just Married, The Butterfly Effect, The Guardian, and What Happens in Vegas. He is the producer and co-creator of the supernatural TV show Room 401 and the reality TV show Beauty and the Geek. Kutcher currently co-stars in the hit CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men as the character Walden Schmidt.
TV Shows Ashton Kutcher Stars in:
Punkd -> Himself - Host
Two and a Half Men -> Walden Schmidt
Movies Ashton Kutcher Stars in:
Cheaper by the Dozen -> Hank (uncredited)
Dude Wheres My Car -> Jesse Montgomery III
Guess Who -> Simon Green
jOBS -> Steve Jobs
Personal Effects -> Walter
Reindeer Games -> College Kid
The Guardian -> Jake Fischer
Valentines Day -> Reed Bennett
What Happens in Vegas -> Jack Fuller
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