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Celebrity Arne Starr
Born as Arne Starr

Arne became an actor due to his association with Star Trek - performing in staged radio plays with Bill Campbell and John de Lancie at various conventions, which grew into full-blown radio plays on the bi-annual SeaTrek cruises.  
TV Shows Arne Starr Stars in:
Bones -> Robin Hood
Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia -> Police Sketch Artist
Mad Men -> The Artist
Movies Arne Starr Stars in:
Angels and Demons -> Vatican Priest (uncredited)
Eagle Eye -> Bank Patron (uncredited)
Flags of Our Fathers -> Rally Person (uncredited)
FrostNixon -> Business Man (uncredited)
G Force -> Barney (uncredited)
Iron Man -> Dubai Tychoon in hat / Bus Passenger (uncredited)
Man in the Chair -> Gregg Toland
Rush Hour 3 -> Man (uncredited)
Semi Pro -> NY Nets On-Air Announcer (uncredited)
Star Trek -> Lt. Cmdr. Engineeriring (uncredited)
The Comebacks -> Football Fan (uncredited)
The Green Hornet -> Reporter (uncredited)
The Holiday -> Man in Airport (uncredited)
The Last Godfather -> Bonfante Wiseguy (uncredited)
The Master -> Core Follower (uncredited)
You Dont Mess with the Zohan -> Israeli Weapons Trainer (uncredited)
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