Zombie Fiction Inspires Gun Ownership In America

With the range of zombie-related movies and TV series in circulation (most notably AMC drama The Walking Dead), Americans are said to have increased their take-up of guns since the same time last year, with only a wild guess as to what the motivating factor behind it could possibly be.

Following an FBI data release that claimed nationwide, mandatory background checks for gun purchases has risen by 20% between this ‘Black Friday’ (23 November) and the same time last year.

Dave Workman, editor of The Gun Mag, expressed his belief that it is the appearance of zombies in media such as movies, TV shows, and video games that has attributed to the rise, as he noted of the consumer trends (fears towards an actual zombie apocalypse) and gun store themed sales: “A lot of people appear to be really enthralled by this [zombies]. I’ve seen lines of zombie targets, I know one or two ammunition companies have introduced boxes, lines of cartridges they called ‘zombie cartridges’, shotgun shells and rifle shells.”

Cris Parsons, a gun seller in the state of Texas, is one such trader of ‘zombie-themed ammunition’, including a ‘Zombie Max’ bullet pack that contains the tagline ‘just in case’, a product that is said to have flown off the shelves, as Parsons explained: “We can’t keep it in stock. It comes in a cool, colorful box with a zombie on it.”

Despite the fairly believeable trends in buying guns as ‘zombie protection’, Norwegian TV has recently issued the controversial reminder that you just need a stock of sports equipment to battle the undead, so while guns might be the most effective item for this situation, are they really all that important to your apocalyptical survival hopes? Or there is always the option of taking a pacifist’s risk on the off chance that the zombies are actually friendly…

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