Zeebox Social TV Discovery App Prepares For US Launch

Zeebox, the social TV app that launched last year in the United Kingdom is preparing for a launch in the United States–and they are doing so with a massive backer. The company, which created the app to help users find and discover content by seeing what other people think of television shows in real time, will bring the app to a new set of users in North America.

Zeebox set to launch in the US

Analysts believe that a partnership with cable giant, Comcast is imminent. Zeebox’s CEO has gone on record via email to state that many partners will be a part of a launch in the United States. The app which launched last year, is a consumer-facing app designed to create social discovery of television shows, and tap into the massive popularity of social networking–in addition to providing bonus content like clips, reviews, and information about cast and crew.

“We are very much looking forward to our US Launch, which I’m pleased to confirm is imminent. We will be working with a range of great US Partners who all share a deep appreciation for our work,” Zeebox CEO Ernesto Schmitt said in an emailed statement.

A partnership with Comcast is what has most analysts buzzing. With a unique and intuitive tool like Zeebox infused with Comcast’s already powerhouse like electronic program guide that helps users find content, it can only strengthen their position as a leader in cable television and social interaction.

Other analysts believe that Zeebox and Time Warner have been trying to put a deal together for quite some time now, however, if done it would in no way compete with a partnership involving Comcast. Zeebox wants to create a universal app that is used no matter how content is served to a television screen.

Earlier this year Zeebox partnered with MIG (Mobile Interactive Group) to integrate an in-app purchasing and voting system to their software. No announcement date has been set for the launch of Zeebox in the US.

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