Zeebox App Comes To BlackBerry Devices

If you still own a BlackBerry device and have been wanting to see what all the craze about second-screen experiences is all about, well now you have the opportunity to do so. Zeebox, the popular second-screen social TV app is now available on Blackberry smart phones. Users simply need to download the Zeebox app through the cumbersome BlackBerry App World.

zeebox-appUnfortunately this Zeebox app is not going to have the range of features and functionality that its older iOS and Android OS counterparts are known for. The app is available for devices running BlackBerry OS 6 or higher, but should still provide users with its most popular feature, the TV Guide–which allows users to search by social buzz that exists around particular television shows.

The BlackBerry Zeebox app also includes its robust chat features, which allows you to integrate your Facebook and Twitter accounts. This popular feature is part of the reason Zeebox has grown so much in the last few months, as it offers users the ability to chat with their friends and family while they watch their favorite television shows.

Neither Zeebox or Research In Motion would confirm that the new app would be available for upcoming BlackBerry 10 devices that expected to be released next year. Zeebox did “tease” that it would be likely the app would be making the jump to BlackBerry 10 smart phones when they eventually become available.

Zeebox is now operating around the world, with apps tailored for the United States, United Kingdom and far away as Australia and the company is planning on providing video-on-demand content very soon directly within the app itself.


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  1. Sammi
    Sammi January 4, 2013 at 4:43 am

    I’m pretty sure BB users will be happy to use the zeebox app.

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