YouView Users Rise To 230,000 Led By TalkTalk Service

English telecommunications giants TalkTalk are believed to be amongst the leaders in providing viewers for the ‘YouView’ TV consortium in the UK, as new figures have been released estimating just how much penetration the new collaboration has had on the viewing market in the European country.

youview_changeFor TalkTalk, it was found that since launching a YouView box-based internet TV service, they have for the first time in 3 years increased their subscriber numbers on the month before, following strong interest in their newest service.

The TalkTalk/YouView set-up is thought to be primarily responsible for adding over 1,000 subscribers per day to both company’s lists (with latest figures suggesting that YouView now have over 230,000 users), and enabling the former’s TV subscription numbers to rise to 80,000, up from 29,000 recorded in November.

The digital box applies elements of the free-to-air digital terrestrial platform Freeview, alongside free related ‘internet TV players’ including BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, and 4oD, alongside premium online catch-up content, enabling a broader and more customisable range of viewing options for customers.

For TalkTalk’s financial third quarter, an estimated net increase of 10,000 broadband customers has been recorded, claimed to be an important statistic for the company, according to chief executive Dido Harding, who noted: “We have returned our total customer base to growth for the first time in three years – an important milestone on our journey to become a growing and more profitable business. We successfully launched TV and mobile handsets this summer and the growth in take-up by both existing and new customers underlines the scale of opportunity we see in these additional products.”

Harding also claimed that the company are naturally looking to expsaid on their presence in the TV market, proposing the introduction of a ‘self-installed’ YouView box, while keeping consumers on-side with improvements to their general broadband service, aiming for an overall growth of 2% in revenue in the ‘mid-term’ future. Having been deemed as much-improved from their status in 2011 as ‘the UK’s most complained-about telecoms provider’, TalkTalk have gotten back on track in late 2012 due to internet TV, but will the trend continue to their (and by extension, YouView’s) benefit in 2013?

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