YouView Add More TV Channels As Sales Top 400K

Live and internet on-demand TV service Youview which launched last summer, have revealed they have shifted 400,000 set-top boxes and will be adding more live TV channels soon.

YouViewThe service which had a troubled entry into the world now delivers 2.2 million streams every week, and consumers are spending 3 hours every week watching internet content, including catch-up and on-demand TV.

Speaking at a press briefing YouView CEO Richard Halton said that nearly 400,000 set-top boxes have been sold by ISP providers and retailers by the end of the first quarter.

The service which launched after numerous delays, is a joint venture of the biggest TV and telecommunication companies including the BBC, Channel 5, BT and TalkTalk.

YouView show a combo of freeview channels along with on-demand content from catch up networks, and are not saying which new channels are coming to the service.

He said that the numbers moved mean that YouView is the “the fastest growing TV service in the UK”,  and that the iOS remote record app will also be released on Android within weeks.

Halton also said that 60% of users view on-demand content every week, and on average view over three hours of content, and saying that the figures show YouView “is taking catch-up TV into the mainstream.”

This summer will also see the release of more IPTV channels and both internet and broadcast TV will soon appear in a single backward EPG that supports catch-up and on demand programming.

The company have said they will announce new partners, “ in the next few weeks”, but it is believed that Netflix and Lovefilm may join as they have shown an interest in joining the service.

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