YouTube Reveal Redesign For Subscription Specialties

Google-owned video sharing website YouTube would need a reverse miracle to lose all their users and viewers, but their most recent move does not seem to have gone down well with some of the site’s vast community, with a recently-released ‘major redesign’ aimed towards giving channels higher subscriber numbers.

Looking to support original content by making it easier to ‘subscribe, subscribe, subscribe’, the update offers a ‘cleaner and simpler design’ featured on other Google sites such as Google+, with the design giving greater prominence to the users uploading the content and the video preview frames, numerical notifications of exactly how much ‘new activity’ has occurred on a subscribed channel since the last visit, and a claimed ‘smoother layout’ to encompass the changes.

A YouTube official blog post explaining the matter read: “Those of you who use YouTube most have learned the secret to making it even better—find the channels you love and subscribe, subscribe, subscribe. Last year we began to make it easier to subscribe to the channels you care about by introducing a Guide on the home page. When you add subscriptions to your Guide, you organize YouTube around what you like, available whenever you watch YouTube. Today, we’re taking the next step by bringing your subscription-filled Guide with you across both the site and all devices, as your best source of what to watch on YouTube. You come to YouTube to watch the videos you care about, so it’s important that the videos stand out. In this new layout, you’ll find the most crucial elements are front and centre when you watch a video: the video is right at the top of the page and the subscribe button, social actions and video information are all combined directly below the player.”

The most notable visual change is arguably the positioning of channel ‘playlists’ which now come on a black sidebar directly to the right of the video, avoiding the ‘pop-up’ style toolbar at the bottom of the page, allowing for a more seamless browser experience of related content.

While the move is designed to support original content makers (including the site’s own directly-funded channel varieties), the upgrade (which has become available across all supported platforms including smart TV, handheld device, and games console app versions) has not gone down well with many users, including content owners themselves such as popular comedian/singer ‘raywilliamjohnson’, who tweeted several messages against the new layout, which he deemed as not being ‘user-friendly’ and potentially frustrating for a first-time user.

The new update to YouTube appears to be made with good intentions but relatively poor execution with additional loading times and unreliable functions, but what do you think of the changes? Leave your opinion below…

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