YouTube Reveal Plans For Transatlantic Comedy Week

Above all other genres (with the possible exception of ‘popular music’), YouTube is best-known for the comedy that many of its videos seek to provide, and in this case it appears as though the Google-owned site itself is looking to go all-out to provide laughs across a whole week, as a number of comedy stars from the UK and USA come together for a special event.

youtube_comedy_week_2013Streaming live and free on a schedule between 20-25 May, stars of TV, movies, and the internet from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean are planning to take part, with the guest list set to include Hollywood actors Vince Vaughn and Michael Cera, while the UK’s biggest stars prove that it will not just be full-time comedians participating, as TV comedian David Mitchell is joined by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver on the list of performers.

The first-ever running of ‘YouTube Comedy Week’, will start with ‘a live streamed variety show from Los Angeles’ on 20 May, promising a mixture of musical performances, stand-up, and sketches, while the week ahead will include several other performances and events, along with the timed release of ‘new episodes’ from a number of popular YouTube comedy channels.

Two teaser videos released earlier this month promoting the campaign, featuring popular ‘YouTubers’ including Harley Morenstein (EpicMealTime), ‘EpicLLOYD’ (Epic Rap Battles of History), Rainn Wilson (Soul Pancake), ‘Daily Grace’, and Ryan Higa (nigahiga), that can be seen at the foot of the page.

YouTube Europe’s marketing director Rich Waterworth said of the event: “The UK is world renowned for its comedy and we’re excited to announce that our homegrown talent will be joining the lineup for YouTube’s first Comedy Week. YouTube is the home of comedy for the next generation so join us as we celebrate the best of comedy on YouTube.”

YouTube network ChannelFlip will be responsible for executive production on the ‘UK’ side of the performances, as their founder Justin Gayner added of the huge potential that Comedy Week provides: “With 1 billion monthly viewers, YouTube is the largest platform on the planet. And that makes the inaugural YouTube Comedy Week the biggest single comedy event in history. We’ve got a stellar lineup of talent including famous favourites and some great new stars. There are going to be some amazing surprises during the week, so it’s well worth a daily visit to see what treats we’ve got lined up. Creating comedy on YouTube over the last five years has been a hugely rewarding experience. Now that we have a direct relationship with our viewers and no restrictions on what we can make, the possibilities are endless.”

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