Youtube Launch Movie Rental Service In UK

Youtube have expanded the reach of their movie rental service to the UK, the first time the service has been available outside North America . The rental movie streaming service which was launched in the US back in May, then expanded to Canada in September will charge between £2.49-£3.49 per hire.

Movie rental service comes to UK

The service which initially has over 1000 movies from major film studios will give buyers 30 days to start watching their movie rental, and then 48 hours to watch it all before streaming is disabled.

Youtube which is owned by search engine giant, Google say they have agreed deals with film studios that include Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Warner Bros, Universal, Lionsgate, and Entertainment One as well as independent British studios such as Revolver Entertainment and Metrodome.

They said in a blog posting that there would be a range of older to newly released titles, “blockbusters like The Dark Knight and Reservoir Dogs, to new releases such as Hanna, Fast Five, and Red Riding Hood, and even British classics like Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.”

If you are strapped for cash, Youtube still offer a range of older and obscure free movies as well.

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