YouTube Introduces New Instant Upload App For iOS

Mobile and tablet users who have been searching for an easier way to share their YouTube videos now have the solution. On Monday Google released its new app, called YouTube Capture, and it aims to simply allow users the ability to upload and caption a video to YouTube (among other networks) immediately after they stop recording.

YouTube-Capture-appA nice feature that many users will enjoy is the ability to minimize the app and keep your uploading going in the background. The app integrates directly into YouTube’s already robust built-in editing features including color correction and stabilization plus the ability to trim your video as needed. All of these features immediately become available to your videos already recorded to your device once you download and install the new app.

“You’ve been able to upload with third-party apps,” says product management director Shiva Rajaraman, “but it’s always been an experience where you have to open this thing up first, and it’s about viewing and finding their videos. Ours is focused on speed.” That speed is what Google is banking on with their new app, arguing that mere seconds after someone finishes recording a video it could be viral a few minutes later.

More interestingly, users can upload to not only YouTube but also social network sites Facebook, Twitter and Google+ which could help the app reach a larger user-base straight out of the gate. Reports indicated that on Monday the app appeared sporadically on the App Store, however by Tuesday the app should be fully available and an absolutely must for iOS 6 devices.

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