Youtube Capture Brings Instant Video Uploading To iPad

All budding film makers with an Apple iPad or iPad mini, can now make use of the YouTube Capture service, letting you record video and instantly upload to the world’s biggest video website.

Youtube-capture-ipadThe app which has been available for the iPad’s little brother, the iPhone since last December. even though filming with a bulky tablet may stifle some of your creativity.

When running the app, not only can you video to your hearts delight, but you also get some editing features to jazz it up a little. Options include stabilization for those with shaky hands, trimming, and color correction to make it look just right.

Once complete you can add a music track and upload to Youtube as a public or private video. If (as most budding video makers) you want the world to see your creation then social options let you share on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ services.

All the editing features can also be applied to existing videos already recorded to your ipad, and the new YouTube Capture app is available right now.

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