YouGov Poll Suggests Upcoming Spike In UK Smart TV Sales

A new survey carried out by pollster website YouGov has revealed that people in the UK region are taking up web-connected TV sets in drove, with around half of the users surveyed claiming that they own such a product (with the definition likely expanded to include a connected device played through a TV), though the figures are said to be in disproportion to current high street sales records.

However, the survey, which went out to the site’s 350,000 users, claimed that 11% are planning on buying a smart TV within the next 12 months – a period including the current and busy Christmas shopping season.

A representative of YouGov noted: “There is a huge appetite for accessing internet services on TV sets, whether that be on demand TV, radio, news apps, or video calling services like Skype.”

The anticipated heightened interest will be of disappointing reading to those involved with recently-collapsed electronics retailer Comet, though other stores will be looking to cash in by taking on a possibly revived interest in the market for LCD sets (which according to pan-European market research firm GfK is down 15% in sales between between the Septembers of 2011 & 2012), and plasma screens (down 41% in sales during the same measurement period), which saw respective revenue drops of 12% and 47% in those 12-month periods.

While adding that the market of smart TVs has an estimated value of £2.5b ($4b) to the UK, their statistics also note that the only item of consumer electronics that are currently actually being purchased in greater quantity than in 2011 are digital radios, so with the intentions of customers now seemingly stated, how many will actually follow through to avoid similar results from YouGov’s survey occurring this time next year?

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