Yahoo internet TV widget showing in your TV soon.

yahoowidgetSamsung Have agreed a deal to put Yahoo’s Internet TV widget into a selection of TV set’s for 2009.

Last year, an announcement was made by Intel and Yahoo to develop the ‘Yahoo Widget Channel’. The widget allows TV’s to show information from the internet, giving an extra dimension to the ‘TV experience’.

Samsung announced Monday:- “selected” models of its HDTVs will be use the Yahoo Widget engine. Samsung are branding it as ‘Internet@TV – Content Service‘.

Also expected to be incorporating the technology are Motorola, Samsung, and Toshiba.

The TV sets will be able to show widgets from giants of the internet such as Flickr images, YouTube video’s, Yahoo News, USA Today, eBay auctions, Showtime TV Networks and more. The widgetized TV’s will be made available in the US, Canada, Mexico, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and most of the rest of Europe.

Samsung spokesperson Boo-Keun Yoon said:- “Samsung has been a proven innovator in Internet enabled TV technology for some time now, offering the ground-breaking InfoLink service last year in 2008. There is no denying that the easy to use, one touch of the remote control service successfully provides information simply and effectively. The collaboration with Yahoo! lets viewers go one step further. This new interface allows them to interact and connect with many of their favorite Web services on a personal level. It’s frankly way beyond just passively watching broadcasts and is no doubt the future of TV.”

The Yahoo Widget Channel will also be available in settop box technology and will allow TV sets to display Flash TV, video and movies a major video Internet technology that is driving most of the internet’s video and TV websites.

Samsung’s new internet TV technoloy will be shown at the CES show within the next week.


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