Xbox TV On Track For 2013 Say Analysts

Nintendo is not the only video game console maker implementing streaming television into their products. Microsoft has slowly introduced television streaming into its Xbox 360 console, however, in the coming year the company is expected to announce a new feature called Xbox TV–and it will be designed from the ground up for streaming television and casual gaming.

According to popular tech website, The Verge, the company is expected sometime next year to offer a lower-priced “Xbox TV” which essentially sounds like a much trimmed down version of the current generation Xbox. The device, would offer users an unparalleled casual gaming and streaming television experience.

The “Xbox TV” would arrive alongside or even ahead of the next generation Xbox, which the media has dubbed “Xbox 720.” The report indicates that while no hardware specs for a lighter and more streamlined “Xbox TV” have been revealed, analysts believe the device will be “always on” which would boot-up quickly for instantaneous television or gaming consumption.

The so-called “Xbox TV” could even be offered through Cable providers, as Microsoft has been in talks with various operators in the last year to offer consumers a subsidized Xbox option–wherein cable subscribers would be issued an Xbox at a discount price in lieu of a service contract. It is believed that a future “Xbox TV” would operate on the brand new Windows 8 operating system, or a hybrid of sorts that would allow for the installation of apps and would appear to be very similar to the company’s latest efforts with the Surface Tablet.

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