WWE App Proves Second Screen Platforms Are Growing

There is little doubt that second-screen app usage on both tablets and mobile devices is on the rise. Earlier this month, sports-entertainment juggernaut WWE proved just how powerful a second-screen app can be in today’s highly competitive television market place. The pro-wrestling company launched its WWE App nearly four months ago, but just started utilizing a second-screen feature called “WWE Active” during its popular Monday Night RAW live TV show.

The feature allows fans to interact with the WWE on Monday nights, even allowing them to vote on particular wrestling match stipulations or which one of their favorite WWE superstars will be competing in the nights main event. WWE also serves up advertisements for local tickets and merchandise using a mobile location technology and users can interact with other WWE fans via a built-in social conversation tracker.

“No one else out there is executing an interactive experience at this level and we’re proud to be at the forefront of innovation,” said Perkins Miller, EVP Digital Media, WWE. “WWE is committed to enhancing the fan experience and we’re excited to unveil a revolutionary second screen experience with WWE Active.”

The WWE App has proven to be a juggernaut in the mobile and tablet space, achieving more than 2.7 million downloads since its launch earlier this year. More importantly, on a cold night in December (12/4) the app moved over 300 spots to join the elite list of Top 50 Free Entertainment apps on the popular iPhone–putting the app well past media giants like HBO, NBC, Showtime, and Cartoon Network.

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