Windows 8 Breaks 200,000 Mark For Apps

The online app store of the new Windows 8 operating system is said to be picking up speed fast, with a the milestone of 200,000 apps offered for sale worldwide now reportedly surpassed a month after the release of the service.

While the claim is dubious due to the presence of just 20,610 individual apps currently hosted on the Windows Store (90% of which are marked as ‘free to download’), the figures seem to be a representation of the total app listings across multiple markets, with the company claiming that not all releases are available worldwide.

This theory is somewhat proven by the fact that Canada leads a ‘per market’ table of app numbers, with 14,000 accessible apps to download in the North American country. Following shortly behind are geographical neighbours and Microsoft home country USA with an estimated 12,675, while there is a near-equal buffer to the third-placed market, with users in the UK region having access to 11,000 titles.

Everyone can play with the figures of course, but Windows have made a statement that they will have 100,000 apps available by the beginning of 2013.

In comparison, the desktop store from Apple had to wait for four months before reaching a total of 10,000 apps, though the service now carries over 700,000 titles and over 25 billion downloads, while rivals such as Amazon and Google/Android (700,000) are also performing well, so Microsoft still have a long way to go to catch up despite their recent progress…

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