Will This Years Emmys Nominations Include Netflix Original Online Shows?

The development of online TV shows, specifically Netflix with original shows, means that this years 65th Primetime Emmy awards could find itself nominating a full length internet TV series, for the first time ever.

House-of-cards-netflixTomorrow is the day that the nominations are announced and Netflix have been campaigning hard to get recognition for both House of Cards and Arrested Development. And if they do get nominated then the face of television will have changed forever.

Already most people have unknowingly become internet TV viewers with the explosion of catch-up TV services, streaming on PC, tablets and phones along with digital recorded video. Whether we like it or not, there has been a major shift online for our entertainment fix.

The shift of power from cable and network executives is not going unnoticed. Bill Carter writing for the New York Times says, “More than anything else, Netflix’s arrival in the Emmy mix is disquieting to some broadcast and cable executives because it is probably only the beginning.”

The nominations may or may not go the way of online content, although the critical success mixed with big name stars would suggest it may. House of Cards stars such as Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright should certainly be in contention for nominations.

And it will bring more big name stars online says Tim Brooks, a TV historian and former network executive, “It certainly is a marker of the new era. … It will send shock waves through the industry”, he continued, “It makes it acceptable for A-list creatives to work for you. They like awards and the acclaim of their fellows.”

Internet TV has joined network, cable and satellite as a media medium. Youtube may not be a recognized TV channel yet, however internet streaming has become a lot more respectable.

Even if the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences does not recognize Netflix, Amazon or Youtube as a bone fide contender, the move marks a big shift from how we consume entertainment, one that has to have networks like ABC, NBC and CBS shaking in their boots.

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