What’s Next For George Lucas?

What is next for Hollywood mogul George Lucas? After-all he did just sell his life’s work to media conglomerate Disney for a cool $4 billion dollars. In a recent interview with E! News on Friday, the now aging movie director of such films like “Star Wars” and “Indiana Jones” said that it was “very sad” for him to sell his collection of work and the media empire it created–a decision he says he first made nearly four years ago.

So what is next for George? More movies? He does have a consultant role currently penned out for the next three Star Wars movies–however, he says that it is time he begins to transition away from the very franchise that has defined his entire film career. “It has been my life, but I am ready to move on to bigger and better things,” George told Ebony Power at a recent event.

And those things he speaks of? Education. And of course more movies. “I have the educational foundation,” he continued. He has already announced that most of the proceeds from the Disney buyout will be going to educational causes–which is something that is very important to Lucas. “I do a lot of work with education and I am very excited about doing that.”

For those who are wondering if he will still make movies, the short answer is yes–but it may not be the answer you wanted to here. “In a few months I will be able to be on my own and the transition will be all over with and I can go do my own thing,” Lucas said. Lucas is done with the Hollywood scene, and is more excited about making personal films that may never even see mass-releases in mainstream theaters.

“The ones I am working on now will never get into the theaters.”

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Whats next for George Lucas?

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