Warner Bros Offer Unparalleled Second Screen Experience With Dark Knight Rises App

For Warner Bros. the concept of second-screen apps is nothing new, and in fact with every new second-screen application release they continue to push bar higher and higher. On December 4th, when millions of head make their “Dark Knight Rises” Blu-ray purchases, tablet and mobile users will find an updated second-screen app that has been completely attuned to both hardcore and casual audiences.

Dark Knight Rises App

“This works nicely for the casual viewing or for the more hardcore viewer,” said Donnie Roache, an executive at Warner home Video. “We continually explore [what to add]. That’s the interesting thing about apps, they continue to live on. With every one we do we learn more and more about the technology and what we can do with it.”

Users simply sync their Blu-ray disc to the application on an iPad, iPhone or Samsung Galaxy device (including popular S2, S3, Nexus, Note and Tab devices) and are then presented with an absolute mountain of additional information–all tied to the action that is unfolding on screen. Users will get everything from maps, gadgets and trivia to photo galleries and behind the scenes featurettes.

But the app doesn’t stop there. Behind the scenes features include storyboards, script selections, digital schematics, and filming location information. There are even links to outside websites that users can click to get a wealth of information on the D.C. Universe. As a bonus, those who have synched with their Blu-ray copy of the film will be provided with special bonus material that would not be available to those watching the movie alone.

“For us it’s giving more value to ownership,” Roache continued.  “It’s an enticing offer that’s hard to say no to.” “The Dark Knight Rises” hits retailers on December 4th and the app can be downloaded for free. Additional Android and Windows devices should see apps for their respective OS’s later this year.

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  1. Martin
    Martin December 15, 2013 at 10:30 pm

    Why is the App no longer available?? I got the Blu-ray now I want to second scree experiance

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