Warner Bros Next Day TV Streaming App

Warner Bros is following News Corp. owned FOX’s lead by introducing a new iOS app that is designed to solely offer downloads and streams for television shows the day after they air. The new app, called “Day After US” makes first run episodes available for streaming the very next day and will do so for free. The new app will cover popular shows like “Big Bang Theory,” “The Vampire Diaries,” and “Gossip Girl.”

Day After US app

Streaming functionality will currently only work over a Wi-Fi connection, however episodes can be downloaded for consumption later even if not connected to the internet. Shows will also be provided in multiple languages with some programs having separate audio dubs and subtitles also available. In addition to the next-day episode video content, users will also have access to real-time news from both Twitter and Facebook.

The app will also provide users with past seasons of their favorite shows, albeit for a fee. The app uniquely offers both SD and HD downloads for the same price. Subscription passes are available as well, however, they are priced differently depending on if you buy the HD or SD feed. To give you an idea of pricing, the a season pass to “Gossip Girl” would run you $3.99 for HD, or $2.99 per episode if you wanted to go that route instead.

The app does offer a free show for those who use the “Share” section of the app to alert their friends and family on Facebook about the new app. Early reviewers are saying the feature does not work as intended quite yet, but those kinks should be resolved soon.

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