Virgin Media Trial Netflix On TiVo Boxes This Week

The popular streaming service Netflix is going to be made available to a selection of Virgin Media’s 4 million UK customers, after a trial begins this week say reports.

virgin-media-netflixVirgin Media will become the first pay TV service that embraces Netflix, as other cable and satellite companies run scared of encouraging subscribers to cut the cord after using the service.

The deal will bring hit shows such as Breaking Bad and the exclusive online only show, House of Cards starring Kevin Spacey, Orange is the New Black and the Arrested Development reboot. The proviso is that only top end TiVo boxes will receive the Netflix app for now.

That will make it available to around 1.7 million Virgin subscribers to begin with after the pilot roll-out, and Virgin are happy cable guys. Speaking about the deal, Dana Strong, chief operating officer fro Virgin Media said, “Netflix is a fabulous addition to Virgin Media TiVo, enabling our customers to enjoy even more of their favourite shows and movies simply and easily, all through their TV set-top box and at outstanding value.”

This week will begin a trial for 40,000 customers who get access to the Netflix app, costs of the service may even be met by Virgin who could offer it as part of a TV bundle.

Virgin are facing competition from all directions head on. As well as the Netflix addition, they have also wrapped up a £200m deal to add BT Sports to their platform just as the Premier League season starts.

The Netflix streaming service is the number one online service world wide, and since launching in the UK last year currently boasts around 2 million UK customers who pay £5.99 per month for unlimited streaming to computers, smartphones, tablets and smart TV’s.


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