Virgin Media Propose Groundbreaking 10GBs Broadband

While the past year has seen companies around the world enhance the maximum potential of commercial internet speed, English company Virgin Media are said to be investigating a method that would more than double the current global leader So-net.

virgin_media_broadband_motherThe planned adoption of the ‘DOCSIS 3.1 standard’ (released on trial in 2014 ahead of a 2015 formal roll-out) is said to be the first stepping stone towards offering a possible ’10GB/s broadband’ download speed to their members as of next year.

Reported by trade website ISPreview, it is believed that the telecommunications giant could end up spending over £110m ($170m) for the new standard, but in return for the investment it is believed that DOCSIS 3.1 would enable Virgin the platform on which to develop a system that offers their customers download speeds of 10GB/s, alongside upload speeds of 1GB/s and 800MB/s, for businesses and domestic users respectively.

While Virgin are currently operating CableLabs’ DOCSIS 3.0 standard at download speeds of up to 1.5GB/s in London (England), it still pales in comparison to the Google Fiber service launched in select American cities in 2012 (running up to 2GB/s) and the recent offering by Nuro So-net in a number of Japanese regions (reaching 4GB/s).

While it is a possibility that the bar could be raised even higher by the time Virgin get around to releasing their hypothetical 10GB coverage, it is believed internally at least that they can afford to be patient with any release, with a source claiming they will only launch such a platform when the right moment occurs, stating: “We continue to test various speeds to be ready for when we think the time is right to pre-empt consumer demand and maintain our lead as the UK’s fastest widely available broadband company.”

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