Viewers Choose Passive 3D Over Active 3D TV Sets

To many people, a 3D TV set is a 3D TV set. But it’s not, there are two distinct systems being sold right now. Active and passive 3DTV are fighting it out to win the 3D format crown, and LG have released data showing that passive 3D is preferred by viewers.

Passive 3D beats Active in consumer study

Passive 3D is found in most cinemas and uses circular polarization to separate the left and right eye images on screen. Active 3D needs a power source for the specs and each lens shuts to show each eye a different image.

Active 3D specs cost between $50-$100 per pair and require batteries. Passive glasses cost around $2 or just “borrow” a pair from your local theater.

There is much arguing over the systems, with proponents of active 3D claiming less flicker and a brighter image. Of course, passive users would argue with those points, and also mention the massive savings when needing additional glasses (some TV’s ship with one pair only!)

The results were released this week and commissioned by LG who used Morpace to do the study. The end result found that 80% of consumers prefer the passive 3D TVs over active 3D sets.

The study was not biased either as LG produce both types of 3D sets. the consumer test compared the LG passive glasses 3DTV against a Samsung active-shutter glasses-based 3DTV and separately against a Sony active-shutter set.

Morpace measured real-time feedback, and found that consumers preferred the passive 3D sets in many of the categories, including overall 3D experience, 3D picture quality and 3D effect. Users also much preferred the lighter passive 3D glasses available at your local cineplex.

Speaking about the results, Wayne Park, CEO for LG Electronics USA said:- “We developed LG Cinema 3D to solve the problems consumers were experiencing with active 3D and to provide the best 3D experience in the home. With its outstanding picture quality, affordability, and easy-to-use and share glasses, it’s no surprise that LG CINEMA 3D technology is preferred by four out of five of consumers over Sony and Samsung’s active 3D.”

It is expected that by the year 2014, 3D TVs will account for over 40% of the overall TV sales. And research by IHS iSuppli shows that by 2015, over half of those 3D TV sales will be for the passive 3D type.

Of course you cannot judge a 3DTV system based on one study alone, so PC World have also tested the different 3D systems and made passive 3D the winner as well.

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  1. dadiv
    dadiv July 4, 2011 at 8:33 pm

    by 2015 half tvs sold will be 3D.
    maybe i will be the only and last men who doesnt care about tv.
    i will never buy a 3d, all is hype, all is crap.
    i tried all 3ds tvs, i wont put my money in any of them.
    and taking note of the sales of the 3ds and that most 3d tvs sold are sold because is a built in (most big screens had, you cant go and buy a 50+ inch tv without 3d) feauture, people just dont rush to buy a tv because of 3d.
    i think i am not that alone

  2. Viewers Choose Passive 3D Over Active 3D TV Sets « RG Specs

    […] via Viewers Choose Passive 3D Over Active 3D TV Sets. […]

  3. Stewart
    Stewart October 27, 2011 at 7:41 pm

    You said you don’t care about TV and you hate 3D for some reason.
    Maybe a DAB radio would suit you better than a TV.
    In which case you should also switch forums.

    We seem to be at a Betamax / VHS crunch point here – hopefully the best technology wins this time. Popular opinion (mine included) seems to be favouring PASSIVE 3D. I have tried both in the shops – several times. I have to say Passive is a far more watchable experience.

  4. Mr. Escobar
    Mr. Escobar January 21, 2012 at 5:24 am

    I much prefer active 3D glasses with bluetooth over passive glasses and led glasses. Have watched and own both. I own the Samsung UN46D8000 tv and besides the UN55, UN60, UN65, and now UN 70/75D8000 soon 9000 no other televisions even come close. I practically live at the movie theaters, watch all new movies, and DVDs/Blurays/3D Blurays.

    At first I thought things would pop out at you. Sure, but only like a dozen times in a 3D movie/3D Bluray movie. Instead you see depth (distances). You see things like you see them in real life. Trees are at different distances, not all bunched together or bunched up (flat). It’s amazing! It’s like needing glasses and getting contacts for the first time in 1985.
    Yes, people delay the inevitable. By 2017 80 percent of the people will own a 3d tv. Most are just waiting for the price to drop. Bluray is far superior to CDs, but people wait for more price drops and more Bluray titles. Now that DVD players cost about 39 dollars 98 percent of the people own one. VCR Tapes are a dying breed. 8 Tracks are dead, burried, and antiques. Well, soon TV box sets will be dead, burried, and antiques. 65 percent of households/people now own a plasma tv, lcd tv, led tv. And now 20 percent of households own at least one 3D device.

    I remember the war between p2 computer interfaces and usb when I was one of the first ones to own a usb. USB is here and P2 pins are dinosaurs. I remember the war between HD dvds and Bluray. Bluray won. I only bought Bluray for its far superior attributes. Well, I own N3DS when cost was 249. Now only 169. I have no regrets. N3DS is far superior to NDS, NDS Lite, NDSi, NDS-XL. XL only has better sound. N3DS made me an Ambassador and gave me 20 game titles that would have cost way more than 100. Why haven’t others bought this N3DS? Because of $ and the recession and they think something better will be coming soon. Yes another Nintendo system in 2015. I buy what is great when its great, and I up the anty. Bought Black Ops Prestige (with maps before others receive), MW3 Elite, and Batman Collector’s Edition, etc. but I make sure my purchases last for years. If I were to buy an item I get all the bells and whistles. For example, if you buy an iPhone it will be the iPhone 4 32 GB or iPhone 4s 64 GB. But if you have a contract, get it only for one year or pay full price. This way when iPhone 5 (True 4G) comes out in February of 2013 (due to shortages by October 2012 and month pushback).

    Still, I bought all the iPhones (3, 3G, 3GS, 4, and 4S). All worked great. Even bought for my little children. It’s about money. So if you buy a laptop I’d buy a 3D, bluray, 1TB minimum (2TB), 17.3 inch, i7 processor. Nothing smaller than 15.6. This way it will last you at least three years. Also, HDMI 1.4 or later. 3D, ultraspeed. Monster 1000 cables or higher. They are warrantied for life. Yes, they cost 200. So what. A 40 cable is not the same. That is like comapring a 95 horsepower Yugo/Pinto to a 411 Ford 4X4 Super Crew Raptor (2,000 to 46,000).

  5. Mr. Escobar
    Mr. Escobar January 21, 2012 at 5:34 am

    Before I bought the Samsung UN46D8000 I owned the Samsung LN46A8000 (8Series). Still own a Samsung LN52A7500. All had internet, bluetooth, usb, hdmi, and ultra/very thin. All LCD/LED. Why not plasma. Easy, plasma has a slight better view , but no speakers and when a plasma tv gives out its dead (you need to buy a new one) and it has a shorter life span by a little, and lcd/led tvs you just replace a 500 light bulb(s). Guess what? More LCDs and LED tvs have been sold than plasma tvs.

  6. Mr. Escobar
    Mr. Escobar January 21, 2012 at 5:44 am

    Any 3D is better than no 3D. Acive is better than passive right now. Companies will work on improvements. If you want to buy passive 3d wait another year and a half 2013 August – October. Than you can choose between second generation Vizio, second generation LG, first generation Samsung, Sony, or other(s). If you want to buy 3D now, get bluetooth 3d. 42 inches or bigger tv screen, slim 1.5 inches thick or smaller tv, hdmi, internet tv/smart tv, 1080p, picture in picture, (SAP, if possible), dolby or thx, lcd or led, a Panasonic, Vizio, LG, Sharp, JVC, Samsung, Sony, or other good/quality/well known/name branned tv. Many are good.

  7. Mr. Escobar
    Mr. Escobar January 21, 2012 at 5:56 am

    If you compare active 3d to passive 3d. Here it is in a nutshell. Active: Brighter, cooler (more expensive glasses) ex. Samsung 3300+SG glasses or what your money affords you, great 170 + view at all these angles, better contrasts and more black levels, better visually (visually stunning), and more. Passive: Darker, less expensive/more plasticky glasses (like at movies) PLUS, view gets distorted if you turn your head (lose areas, minute blurring/blind spot(s) (like N3DS, but only slightly), darker and less contrasts (colors are darker:less bright and less shades of black), visually darker and good, and okay.

  8. Mr. Escobar
    Mr. Escobar January 21, 2012 at 6:00 am

    I suggest you all compare, you all come to your own conclusion, and these are my own facts and are MY OPINION. But if you compare, please use Samsung UN46D8000 or a bigger screen tv (46-70 inch tv) to compare as an active 3d tv set. Thanks and bye.

  9. Lara
    Lara October 4, 2012 at 5:22 am

    When i do watch TV (which is not that often!!) I would always choose passive. Who needs to be changing batteries like you do with active? It is already too much trouble just to put the glasses on…… ()

  10. ernie
    ernie October 18, 2012 at 5:17 pm

    I have tried both active and passive. Active shutter 3d is heavy, noisy, gives headaches and ultimately shows the same kind of 3d as the passive, light and cheap system, so a no-brainer.

  11. kent
    kent November 14, 2013 at 9:25 am

    I don’t think viewers are choosing either at the moment are they

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