Video Streaming Site Vimeo Reports Record Breaking Numbers

Vimeo, which used to be a little-known YouTube video streaming alternative has grown by leaps and bounds–and 2012 looks to be their biggest year yet. The company, which announced a year-in-review recently, boasted more than 14 million members over 675 million total visits to close out 2012. The site’s member base has grown exponentially over 2011.

Vimeo“It’s that time of year when a company’s thoughts turn to itself. Which is frankly what a company is always thinking about, because you pretty much have to if you don’t want the company to flounder or go off the rails or insert your favorite catastrophe cliché here,” said Chris Diken of Vimeo. “And now that we’ve taken a good hard look at Vimeo, we’re left with two mutually inclusive thoughts: 1. Dang, there are a lot more homo sapiens here than last year. 2. Wow, we sure accomplished a lot in 2012.”

Five million of the 14 million current members joined this year alone, which means that roughly 37% of all Vimeo members are brand new to the community they are part of. The site, which focuses on more artistic videos hosts more than 50 million videos, a milestone the company was thrilled to hit in September. The company also touted 675 million total visits to the site this year.

Conversely YouTube, the world’s most popular video streaming site received well over 800 million unique visitors every single month, and last year YouTube claimed to provided over a trillion views of videos. That said, Vimeo has always focused on more niche video streaming content–but as 2012’s numbers indicate many more people are discovering the site.

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