Viacom Set To Make Gains From Internet Ratings Addition

Media company and TV content provider Viacom are noted as having the potential to reap the benefits as the means of measuring online ratings is further developed, as research from Cowen & Co. suggests the work of Nielsen and ComScore (amongst others) will draw the attention of young viewers as the new standard.

cowen_group_logoWith Nielsen getting set to introduce online live streaming figures (from official streaming sources) as a part of their overall TV ratings measurement process (under pressure from major pay-tv companies for advertising purposes), it is now believed by the research firm that with the growth of online viewing now being clear and recorded as such, viewers on desktop and mobile devices will use the ratings themselves as a means to help determine what content to try.

This audience is claimed to be primarily a younger demographic, as Cowen & Co. said of the rewards that Viacom’s family of networks can claim for this in 2014: “As measurement of video-on-demand and online viewing improves, Viacom should disproportionately benefit, as we believe their young-skewing audience likely over-indexes to those viewing methods vs. other big media networks.

“The company’s domestic ratings remain stable, which we expect will continue to support midsingle-digit advertising growth in 2014. European ad trends appear to be stabilizing, which should help growth for non-U.S. networks.”

Speaking at a recent UBS conference, Viacom’s CEO Philippe Dauman said of the expectations that Viacom have in the field of mobile audiences and how they are measured to overall benefit due to the recognition and standardisation that the public will see: “I think over the next year there will be progress made by Nielsen and other parties around the world, and we will see better sampling methodology, better coverage of other devices, whether it’s the tablets or smaller mobile devices. We have a lot of our viewing of content taking place in a way that’s not satisfactorily measured. Once that measurement becomes better we’ll be able to put more of our content on these [mobile] devices.”

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